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Apple New Privacy Policy & users against the new Iphone siri system. Can I still trust you steve ?

Apple New Privacy Policy & users against the new Iphone siri system. Can I still trust you steve ?

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In apple We trust ?

Why when I make a research about apple iTunes privacy policy 2012,

I just found the official one of october 21 of 2011…


Maybe because they totally change it and it’s not as “cool”

as apple is finally is supposed to be.

Against PC, in this commercial,

Apple give you a strong message about the trust you can have in them.

In some words, You can trust mac against PC lies.

Apple is cool, and really close to their customer…

Remember ?

The facts, the reality are actually totally different,

and they are changing, (for me) in the wrong direction day after day.

Why I have to sign each time apple decide to change they Term and conditions ?

These same conditions who are actually not available online, even on the apple website,

I can’t even make a copy and paste of this 67 pages of documents !?

But of course, as million users, I trust apple (and still want to be able to use my product) and sign these condition of 67 pages.


Good luck, you have to read these 67 pages and agree
with them, otherwise you can’t use, or install your

Recently I decided to read only the privacy parts.

-hum…sorry Steve, as many user around the world, I don’t have time to read 67 pages each time you decide it-

This is what I discovered, and maybe why it’s not available online.

hum… Once again thanks, it’s in french (I am) and no way to copy and paste in any document.
I had to make a print screen for share this info with my friends.

It’s a translation than I quickly made, before apple will be nice enought to share these information online  with they users (sorry for my poor english).

Apple private policy 2012.

About the international users :

(…) The information you’ll give to us can be transferred and accessible by other companies around the world (…)
(…) apple is conform to the new rules of the “safe Harbor” (…)
(…) protect your privacy : an engagement as the scale of our company(…) ??? wtf ???

In some word, we are all in the hand of this “safe Harbor” witch is actually a part of  the ministry of american commerce.


I still remember when apple asked me to “trust” them the first time.

when they was explained to me them they’ll never share my personal information with anyone.

Remember ?

When I decide to switch from PC to Apple,

It was because I trusted their product, because they was the best on the market, and

because they provided nice material for professional users.

Recently they just killed one of they best professional product called final cut pro.

With this, and other example, they just wanted to say, than they don’t care

anymore of this “professional users’ market” this same market, who from

the beginning, support apple, way before they huge success of , I phone, I pad,


But, you can trust apple, since they need you, they  sell enough gadget for

caring anymore about a small market, as professional users, for example.


But can we really trust you apple ?

Recently a lot of people complaining against apple,

and this fake video they made for selling they new Iphone 4s.

Look by yourself :



Just hoping then I’ll be still able to use my apple product and don’t switch (again) on PC.


A mac user.



Hello, it's your turn !