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We recently found many difficulties express by cinestyle users with Lightroom.

For remind cinestyle is a preset for DSLR to help you achieving a flat color and exposure.
This help you to achieve a more cinematographic and better grading experience especially for video.
Here you can download for free the cinestyle profile on Technicolor website.

When you import your raw files made with cinestyle into lightroom, your images will
radicaly change because of the default ligthroom profile, that’s where we come with our preset !
Just simply apply the preset on your pictures to recovery the look of your cinestyle
picture into your camera.
Please note that our template have a color temperature of 4700, you need to change this parameter
based on your color temperature used on your original shooting camera preset.
Also we did this template by ourselves, it’s not directly related to technicolor, and maybe not 100% acurate.

We hope this will help you to solve this issue.
You can download our preset by clicking on this button :

5 thoughts on “Cinestyle preset for Lightroom by

  1. Sorry not sure I understand totally your question, normally you save it on your drive then you put it in your Lightroom preset.


  2. I don’t see the preset in folder. And the download has an error.
    Can you send me the file or correct this?


  3. Hi there! The .zip file is broken. When I try to open, it’s empty. Can you send me the present by email? Or update the .zip file?

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