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Corsak Story Ep2.

Corsak Story Ep2. Directed by Olivier Hero Dressen produced by Studio Supreme

We finally released Corsak Story Ep2.
Corsak is a Chinese singer/celebrity born and raised in Shanghai.
With more than a billion hits shows in prestigious venues such as Tomorrow Land, ranked third on QQ music (Itunes equivalent), Corsak is definitely a trending artist in China.

We had a blast shooting 3 videos for him and really enjoyed the experience.

You can find our Corsak Story Ep2. on my director’s website.

Here is the Vimeo link:

We spent 2 two days shooting this art piece shooting with two cameras and vintage lenses in different locations in Shanghai. Rooftops, abandoned warehouses, and also at Corsak’s home with his family.
The editing was made into Premiere, VFX into After Effects and the finale colors was made into DaVinci

Speaking about colors, we also started to sell LUTs used for our projects to help you achieve the perfect look!

Corsak Story Ep2. LUT Pack:

We will start to update our LUT’s collection regularly, so don’t hesitate to check out our shop regularly; you can also see the previous kit we used for Eloise.

A few things to know about this kit and this LUT pack:

This pack includes 13 Color LUTs.
It works within Resolve / Adobe CC / FCPX (with LUT Utility installed).
All the LUTs are designed to work with RAW / LOG / FLAT gamma space.
It does also works with all FLAT picture profiles (SLOG / VLOG / etc.).

We really looking forward to see what you will achieve with those pack!
Wishing you the best results and have a creative day!


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