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Monsieur Magnetik “Dark Gloves” Official Video

Monsieur Magnetik “Dark Gloves” Official Video

This is our latest music video shoot in Shanghai for Mr Magnetik.

This film is a tribute to the subversive world of night .

The action takes place in the French Concession in Shanghai in the 20’s .

A clandestine cabaret, girls, and mafia pimp, hiding in the night’s shadows.

The Shanghai “French Concession” in between 1854 and 1949 was in the center of all the excesses.

Gambling, prostitution and opium were the most lucrative activities of this city, at that time called “the greatest brothel in the world.”

The film draws a parallel between the excesses of the past and the desire of today, where nightlife is facing more and more prohibition.

The film was directed and shot in Shanghai in mythical ” Chinatown ” recently renamed “The Pearl” .

Made with a talented local team, amongst them Julian Mei (the Mafia guy) who is not only the music video’s choreographer but also dancer in the video.
In the past he has also worked with various artist, for example in “Bad” (music video with Michael Jackson) where he performed as a dancer at the time.

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