My Short “5 minutes” (2005)
5 minutes

I directed this short in 2005.

It was selected in some international festival.

Have a short glory moment in the TV News in Belgium.

And actually one i prefer in my short movies.


Here a “russian” fan I guess, made this editing.
Thanks for him !

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  1. [..YouTube..] thx for all your comment and critics !!!


  2. [..YouTube..] Nicely done. I like your style but I don’t think you brought out the despair quite enough. Now don’t over react, it’s just one person’s critique. Despair = time. Loooong shots. I would have stopped at the blood on the photo. By the way it’s the anniversary today

  3. [..YouTube..] Nice work, great music. Reminds me of “The Departed”.
    Best wishes.

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