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NEWS from asia.

NEWS from asia.

It’s been a while that we didn’t posted any news.

For every reason there is an explanation.

First of all.

Actually we are busy on several co-productions and exhibitions.

This article will introduce you to some of them.


1 Kuala Lumpur design week 2011.









For the second time in my life,

I was invited as artist at the Kuala Lumpur design week.

It was a real honnor and pleasure to meet again some of the best designers from the

international scene, and some of the best artist in Malaysia.

Picture by Devil Robots© Japan

During this trip I was also invited to give a talk at the british Concil and also

by the Strait collection on a malaysian Island called Penang.

It was again a great pleasure for me to meet alot of great and really

inspiring people, and share my own experience with others designers,

student and Malaysian peoples.


2.  Directing and producing a Music Video in Malaysia

The second reason of my venue was to directing another Music Video for

a 100% Malaysian Cantonese Band.

For this project we basically Build a production executive team in malaysia,

with the main help of the local Malaysian director Ping Wu.

We also decided to work with Kenji Chai for the design and collaborate with

the American Brand Stussy as sponsor.

In the same time, a young Belgium DOP Romain Ferrand, fly to Kuala Lumpur

to join us in this great adventure.

This bunch of talent, and also many other not credited here, did a great work on the shooting

and we both are soo impatient to view the final result.

Here two exclusive picture of the Post production process :


3 Directing and producing a Dance Music Video in Shanghai.

On the left Julian Mei, at 18 for "Bad" Music Video by M. scorcese.


Life sometimes can be really funny…

Few month ago in Shanghai after a random conversation with a friend…

– We really need a choregrapher… it’s really hard to find it in Belgium you know…
Did you know anyone who can help ??

-Dude… are you kidding ?? I am a f*ck*ng choregraper !!

It was totally a random, but it was a big chance than Julian Mei

who’s actually an amazing choregrapher,

propose me to help us and lead all the choregraphy for this project.

Also great fashion designer, he helped us to set up the stylism for the girls.

With the help of  the dance company Jazz du funk , Gaetan Hachez as co-director

and Must Production Shanghai.

This project, this dream I had one year ago, will finally be reality.

Jazz du funk dance company.

Finally After One year for the basic Idea, Two month of sketches, storyboard, meeting, etc;


Here you can see the work in progress :


4. A 30’s Animation for Territory© magazine.

Finally, last but not least,

Si Juan the owner of Bangbross, and the magazine Territory, asked me to design

a special animation’s logo for his magazine.

I choosed to use 3D for this, and a dark and color 2D look for spiced it a bit.

Here a frame extract from this animation :

Stay Tuned !

More will follow soon !!




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  • hero

    Thank you Neal !
    I hope you’ll love the final result.
    We launch soon the music video shooted in Hong Kong.

    The teaser is there =

  • Hello. magnificent job. I did not anticipate this. This is a great story. Thanks!