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Orb, new Video Copilot Plug-in Now Available for free on!

Am really amazed by this new plug-in designed by Andrew Kramer and his team. Check out his work, an inspiration I follow since my early work in After Effect more than 10 years ago.  This is the amazing Orb’s plug-in teaser: Please have a look to Andrew’s website on this link.I share here some more images …

Cinestyle, lightroom by
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Cinestyle preset for Lightroom by

We recently found many difficulties express by Cinestyle users with Lightroom.

For remind, Cinestyle is a Lightroom preset for DSLR to help you achieving a flat color and exposure. This helps you to achieve a more cinematographic and better grading experience, especially for video.
Here you can download for free the Cinestyle profile on Technicolor’s website. But without any further waiting here is our Cinestyle preset for Lightroom!