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A little bit of Hero’s Manga Style.

A little bit of Hero’s Manga Style.


I didn’t talk yet about my big travel in asia.
Because i didn’t find time yet.
Just in few word…
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!!

It’s only one words.

A client of mine ask me recently to make a character design for his society and for a Web Marketing Event.

I just answer him by :

“Ok, i just want to make you a manga character, it’s ok for you ?”.

This is the final result (My version):

In the exhibition DGF (Taken from my mobile) :


And the sketches i sent to the client for validation (Taken from my mobile) :photo03photo02photo

The client was happy, I was happy, everybody was happy, and i made my Hero’s Manga design <3 .

—- Happy —–

Link :

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