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New Music Video “Eloise” By Deshaun, a reflection about LGBTQ in hip hop music.

Eloise music video and the representation of LGBTQ in Hip Hop Music

I like to think that my work can make a difference. Here I add an opportunity to tackle the subject of LGBTQ in hip hop music.I always want to avoid the typical “bling-bling” trap of using an objectification of the women. I was doing my Artshow in Los Angeles with Bright and, this project felt …

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Here is our T-shirts Emoji Collection!

three emoji t-shirt on

We just released a new collection of T-shirts emoji, for your own enjoyment.Since we announced the opening of our online store; we had a lot of visitors coming over and shopping with us. We love to create new exciting designs to share with you and give you the best products as possible.

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Surviving the Corona Virus in Shanghai (China); my interview on national TV.

Surviving The Corona Virus in Shanghai

Surviving the Corona Virus In Shanghai; It’s been now seven years since I live in China. Despite moving back and forth in different countries, I am officially living in Shanghai for the moment. China gives me a lot all those years, and I can tell I did experiment quite a lot of experiences since I …

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I gave an interview for YouPic about my work as photographer.

Interview for YouPic

Recently I gave an interview for Youpic. A week ago I created my photographer’s account at and in a really short time the account reached 76K views, thousands of shares, multiples of staff picked pictures and all without any pay advertising.At the opposite of Instagram, I can clearly see the user’s interest in photography …

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List of (affordable) equipment for filmmakers and photographers.

List of Affordable Equipment For Photographer And Filmmaker blog.designhero

Here is an exhaustive list of equipment I use in my work.
I own most of the items listed above, but I also rent the costly items, and they are not listed above.

I found links where you can buy those products directly from Amazon, so it’s a no brainer for you guys if you want to purchase them, click on the items you want and it finds the product of your choice directly!

So here we go for my list of affordable equipment you can use as a filmmaker/photographer.