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Thrill of Creation: The Story Behind xSuit’s ‘Race Against Time’

Hello, everyone! It’s Olivier here, and today I want to share a bit of the incredible journey and the whirlwind of creativity that led to the making of the commercial, xSuit’s ‘Race Against Time’.

Dive into the heart of Hollywood with xSuit’s ‘Race Against Time’ – where every stitch meets the thrill of the chase. Witness how elegance and action collide in this breathtaking journey, directed by Olivier Hero Dressen.

The Idea behind xSuit’s ‘Race Against Time’

The idea sprang from a simple yet groundbreaking feature of the xSuit: its stretchability. Imagine a suit that combines elegance with the freedom to move – it screamed action film. This notion coincided with our trip to Los Angeles for a film project for an e-bike company and to present our movie “Backpacker” to the American film market.

The concept quickly took shape, and Los Angeles, with its iconic landscapes and vibrant energy, emerged as the perfect backdrop. Moreover, what truly set the wheels in motion were the collaborations born out of my previous experiences and accolades. In particular, the recognition of “The Black Box” at Hollyshorts, thanks to Stage 32, played a pivotal role.

The Team behind xSuit’s ‘Race Against Time’

Meeting Gareth Taylor, an incredibly talented cinematographer, and producer Constance Powis at the festival, felt like the stars aligning. Their passion and vision matched mine, and when Emmy award-winning stunt coordinator Diddy Darnell joined us, bringing his unparalleled expertise, I knew we had something special.

The production was a testament to the power of collaboration and the magic of Los Angeles. From conceptualizing to shooting, we worked around the clock, pulling everything together in record time – a testament to the dedication and talent of our team. The shoot itself was an exhilarating whirlwind, capturing the essence of the xSuit and the spirit of action cinema.

“Race Against Time” wasn’t just a commercial; it was a celebration of creativity, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of creativity. It showcased not only the versatility of the xSuit but also the incredible talent of our team and the beauty of Los Angeles. This project, from its inception to the final cut, has been an unforgettable journey.

Thank you for taking the time to share in this adventure. It’s projects like these that remind me why I love filmmaking – the opportunity to bring together talented individuals to create something truly extraordinary. Until next time, keep chasing your visions and pushing the boundaries of creativity.

xSuit's 'Race Against Time'


Continuing from our behind-the-scenes story, life after “Race Against Time” took some exciting and unexpected turns. Diddy, our incredible stunt coordinator, went on to win an Emmy award (for The Mandolorian) just weeks after we wrapped up the commercial. And, adding to the serendipity, our talented lead, Vlad, ended up sharing a dance stage with Ryan Gosling at the Oscars. These events, unfolding entirely by chance, underline how unpredictable and thrilling the creative journey can be.


Credits for “Race Against Time”

A Production by Studio Supreme
Director/Writer/Executive Producer: Olivier Hero Dressen
Cinematographer: Gareth Taylor
Lead Actor: Vladislav Litvinenko
Stunt Coordinator/Choreographer: Paul Darnell
Voice Over: Zach Lazar Hoffman
Editing & Color Grading: Aaron Fuks
Sound & Post Production:

Final words

To dive into the action and witness the blend of elegance, adventure, and sheer cinematic beauty, watch “Race Against Time” here. This project isn’t just a testament to our collective creativity and hard work; it’s a nod to the surprises life throws at us, making the journey all the more rewarding.

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