The Passport Feature: An thrilling journey into the Future

Welcome to Studios Supreme Films and the highly anticipated feature film, The Passport Feature. Embark on a thrilling journey into the future as we bring you this edge-of-your-seat action-packed film.

The Concept

In a future controlled by powerful corporations, rebels fight against the corrupt system to uncover the truth. As they navigate the dangerous world, they face difficult choices and the consequences of their actions. The Passport explores themes of power, corruption, and freedom through suspense, twists, and high-stakes drama.

Award-Winning Roots

The Passport feature film builds on the award-winning success of its short film. The original received 71 official selections and 19 wins, including Best Short at Stage 32, Best Cinematography at Macau Film Festival, and Best Directing.

Big Screen Ambition

Building on the short film’s success, the filmmakers bring The Passport to the big screen, expanding on the world and characters and delving deeper into the themes that made the original well-received.

Quality Commitment

The filmmakers behind The Passport are confident in their vision and bring the same quality and creativity to the feature film as they did to the award-winning short. The Passport promises to be a standout film with a talented cast and crew, a well-crafted script, and a passion for excellence.

Audience Anticipation

The Passport is set to be a standout film that will captivate audiences. With its roots in the award-winning success of the short film and the filmmakers’ dedication to bringing their vision to life, audiences can expect a movie that is both entertaining and thought-provoking.

Stay Up to Date

Follow our website and social media pages for updates on the development and production of “The Passport.” We can’t wait to share this exciting project and bring you a feature film unlike anything you’ve seen.


Join us on this journey into the future, and get ready for the ride of your life with “The Passport.”

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