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New website, new venture, new collaborations, sponsoring, and new movies with Studio Supreme Films.

Behind the scenes "Kite"

It’s been two long years since I wrote on this blog, a long road from then to the creation of Studio Supreme Films. But before that, I would like to catch up on some of the highlights of those two years.

First of all, our film The Passport won seventeen awards with seventy-one nominations worldwide.
A significant pandemic hit the world, and I am currently writing this article in lockdown in Shanghai.
Through these crazy times, we shot several commercials and different short films.

We also recently won the Stage 32 film competition, a great honor for me since it’s the biggest social media platform for people in the film industry, with more than 800 000 members worldwide. Through those fantastic times, our movie was screened two times in the legendary Chinese Theater in Hollywood and at the Hollyshort film festival, Raindance in London, Biff in Bruxelles, and many other epic films festivals over the globe.

Here is our direct link to the film. We finally leave it online for anyone to see!

Our award-winning movie “The Passport.”

Also had the opportunity to talk more about the film with the other winner and community members of Stage 32.

Also, after having directed a film for Xiaomi,

I officially became a Xiaomi creator. Several brands have sponsored us recently, including Zhiyun, who gave us a fantastic crane 3 that will test it out soon on our next film project.

Behind the scene of my movie Live for The Night for Xiaomi Studio.

It’s also been two years now that I am part of the Istituto Marangoni.

As a visiting tutor, I have been giving master classes shooting films and photographs with up-and-coming students. We produced and directed their official yearly fashion show video in alliance with Vogue Italy through this collaboration. You can also learn more about Istituto Marangoni, where Olivier Rousteing is actually our mentor for this academic year.

“Magic City” is a collaboration for Istituto Marangoni with Vogue Italy.

Along with all those collaborations, we also did the brand video for JP Morgan, the official campaign video for Californian brand Too Faced, the Brand video for Joyce, the brand video for Huawei, and many more exciting projects.

Collaboration with Too Faced starring celebrity Song Zu’er (宋祖儿).

Regardless of all those achievements, we put ourselves to another task;

producing and directing five different short films in a year. For that occasion, we created a new venture, specially dedicated to filmmaking, called Studio Supreme Films. Under that new venture, we are pleased to introduce you to two of our new upcoming films, “Kite” and “She is so perfect.” Here are the official trailers for those movies.

Official Trailer for “Kite,” Starring Reina Kinsman and Michael Koltes.
Official Trailer for “She is so perfect.”

Finally, I really hope you had a great time as we had, and looking forward to hearing from you wherever you are! And we hope sharing more interessting content with you through Studio Supreme Films!

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