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Hero at Kuala Lumpur>>> Day One.

malaysia Hero olivier dressen

Here i am in Kuala Lumpur !

malaysia Hero olivier dressen
Here a view a Shanghai at the airport of Kuala Lumpur, i was there few month ago… Nostalgie…
Malaysia Hero Olivier Dressen Portable exhibition
A “portative” exhibition, i made all my canvas and photography in small size just like my suitcase.
You can also saw the giant print i made into the big tube.

In Kl the weather is pretty hot.
And the people look very friendly and smily.
For my first day, my first mission was to bought a malaysian phone card and i already make some funny discover…
Malaysia Hero Olivier Dressen Into the street of KL

Soo I was walking around my hotel for looking for a phone card.
And i get to the “mall”, it’s a kind of supermarket into a building.
Malaysia Hero Olivier Dressen Roller Custer inside of a building
I finally found after ask to few person the place for buy a phone card.
Malaysia Hero Olivier Dressen Buying a Phone Card
Here most of the people are muslim and you can find alot of indian people, or mixed indian/malaysian.
People was very friendly and we had a cool and funny talk,
Finally i get the elevator and i had a big suprise…
Malaysia Hero Olivier Dressen Roller Custer inside of a building !!
Malaysia Hero Olivier Dressen Roller Custer inside of a building !Malaysia Hero Olivier Dressen Roller Custer
A roller coster into the “mall”…
As a little reporter i took some pictures of it.
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !
It’s intersting to notice than you have for each floor of this big building, a speciality;
Video games, clothes, fast food, restaurant, in the same spirit as you can also see in japan and chinese big town.

Malaysia Hero Olivier Dressen fashion Street style.
The fashion here is not clear as i saw before in japan but this is a first shoot of style you can found in the streets of KL.

Malaysia Hero Olivier Dressen Taxi in Kuala Lumpur
taxi in KL.
Yeah !
People driving on the left as in Hong Kong, and the taxi are praticly the same.
Hong Kong Taxi.
Taxi in Hong Kong, picture took from the video clip i shooted there…
Hong Kong Hero Olivier Dressen Hong Kong Clip
…Another picture from this video clip…

This is the end of this day for the moment,
I also meet the organisator of the design’s fair, and we eat some malaisian food…
I’ll try to talk about food and specialities as soon as i can.


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