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david-hasselhoff newest music video with Kung Fury
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David Hasselhoff and Kung Fury project, new music video !

  As a true 80’s series lovers, B movie fan, Science fiction littératures and movie fans… without mention the amazing twighlight zone tv show from the 60’s… It’s just a great pleasure to share with you this latest Hasseloff music video, really retro and edgy, love the global art direction and VFX. For those who …

Chinese Music Video Tudou, 2 millions view, Director Olivier Hero Dressen
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More than 2 millions view for our latest Chinese Music Video for Tudou Network

Our latest music video for the Chinese market just reach more than 2 millions view on Tudou (china) in few days ! Co directed with my friend Eric Couta, we got a nice, (and crazy) time to make this happened. To see it directly on the Chinese website it’s here. Otherwise our director’s cut version is on Vimeo …

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Video from “Behind the Hero” (world tour) Barcelona exhibition.

Voici une vidéo de l’exposition “Behind the Hero” qui à actuellement lieu à Barcelone et plus précisément à Sabadell. Au programme, Guerrilla Marketing dans les rues de BCN, live painting lors du festival Embassa’t avec Yumiko Sakura (JP), Troa (BE), 13 pulsions, Treze (Spain), et myself. Au programmes groupes de tout horizons et origines, …