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My interview with Fuji in Los Angeles for Caballero & Jeanjass music video “Clonez-moi”

Interview Fuji Olivier Hero Dressen making-of Caballero & Jeanjass "Clonez-moi"

In this video, I and my team in LA explained how we used one of their product to successfully shot this video. As a result of this collaboration with Fuji, the video reached over a million views in a short amount of time.

Probably one of my most exciting time this year as I shoot three music videos in a month. Hope you can appreciate and share with us the energy behind this making-of. Don’t hesitate to leave your comment below the video.

Finally, I  invite you to check on the final video at the end of the article!

Oh… and since sharing is caring, I just wanted to share also a few making-of shots about this incredible adventure we had. California we <3 you!

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