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Hero, Izemo and Denis Meyers flyers for Libertine Supersport Vs Versus Crew.

It’s not the final version yet, But this is a gig of the visual we made for our next big exhibition. With Lisa Carletta, Denis Meyers, Leplusmacho, Los Hermanos, Eledone, Hero and Jeremy Belly. The poster is made in real size, with real material (not numeric i mean). Fabric, acryl, China Ink etc. Hope to …

At Work, Award, Event, Press, Illustrations, Logo & Typography, News

Look At Versus Crew LIVE PAINTING. (VIDEO).

Here you can Watch us Painting at our last exhibition for PLASTIC at GESU CHURCH : OR CLICK HERE ! It was a huge exhibition, with more than 4000 peoples ! And artist like : DJ Hell, Denis Meyers, Los Hermanos, Izemo, Hero aka Herographics, Lisa Carletta, Laetitia Bica, and more….::enHere you can Watch us …

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