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ManHanD – LIFE GOES ON 14/2/2012 全球首播 / World Premiere !

My latest Music Video is now online !

ManHanD – LIFE GOES ON 14/2/2012 全球首播 / World Premiere !

Official Press Info :

ManHanD – LIFE GOES ON 14/2/2012 全球首播 / World Premiere

『慢』也是一种文化,慢才能享受生活,在快步走的时候,也是需要慢慢品味人生,生活依然继续光彩 Life Goes On & On!

马来西亚ManRoom首部与西方(Belgium)著名艺术/电影制导演 Olivier Hero Dressen 及动用14位多媒体制作群,合作炮制的两部ManHanD 最新专辑主打歌曲“LIFE GOES ON” 及“老朋友”(收录在ManHanD 慢行第3张大碟 life Goes On & On),结合西方及东方文化艺术制作交流。在次证实音乐及艺术文化就是世界语言的沟通桥梁,让西方朋友体验ManHanD的『慢式音乐』,而同时也让我们体验西方朋友的另一番MV制作风格。密切留意“老朋友”MV近期即将首播。

“Slow” is a kind of culture. As the saying goes, “slow down and enjoy life”, you can never miss that kind of enjoyment even if you’ve quicken your pace. Simply enjoy the taste of life in the pace of the modern city, your life still sparkles as Life Goes On & On! ManRoom has made its first International collaboration with Olivier Hero Dressen, Belgium’s well-known art/film production director. In the process of producing the music video of two of the tracks (Life Goes On and老朋友, literally means “old friend”) from ManHand’s latest album (Life Goes On & On), Hero has included about 14 other multi-media production groups. This partnership means more than that as it enables a cultural exchange of Eastern and Western in terms or their arts and culture. At the same time it allows us to appreciate different type of music video production style from the Western. Music & Art – is the bridge of language connecting everyone around the world. Let’s enjoy this global corporation, a project between the Western and Eastern production. Stay tune to the release of “Old Friend” music video!

Directed and produced by Designhero©.

Animator :
Elie Kimlis
Benoit Greant
Olivier Dressen
Character Design :
Assistant Character Design :
Elie Kimlis
Dop (Hong Kong):
Gaetan Hachez
Matte paint & 3D :
Cecile Renard for Pomme 3D
olivier dressen
Compositing an 3D :

Made in 2012 designhero©

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