Press release about my work in 3D.


I spoke about my 3d work in a special animation issue in Blender Art Magazine. Extract from Blender Nation article: “This issue covers animation basics and beyond with a variety of articles and tutorials that will help you take your animation from Okay to Wow!

We also hear from Claas Eicke Kuhnen on his use of Blender in the classroom setting as well as using Blender for product modeling and light setups for quick renders.

Table of Contents:

  1. Taking Your Animation to the Next Level
  2. Acting for Animation
  3. Product Modeling: SDS and Details
  4. Product Rendering
  5. Hero’s Blender Animations
  6. Facial Expressions in Stupidus
  7. Einstein Dwarf
  8. Blender in a Classroom
  9. And more . . .

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