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Our latest commercial for UNICEF + Making off & sketches.

Unicef Logo

Around 3 month ago TBWA Brussels ask us to provide a work for UNICEF.

We got free hand on the design and also a big input into the storytelling.

Here we going to share a bit more about the creative process and how we managed the art direction and design.

For this video we first really wanted to keep the design really simple and based on a very restrictive color code.

For that we almost first started by create a color code to fix the art direction.



One of the first design we actually did for this campaign.

Here you can see the color code we used for UNICEF’s video.

We also used really simple shape for create a bigger graphic impact and have

a quicker understanding of each actions.



Design Kit Unicef by olivier dressen Hero

We also wanted to use as simple shape we can and basically started to create a full

world based on these simple code and restrictions.

On the other hand, we love 3D and we love the mix in between these two techniques

(2D and 3D animation) so that’s why we introduce these 2 techniques together,

for give more depth into this project.

We are actually crazy about Andrew Kramer’s product so we bought the latest plugin

Element from video copilot and had alot of fun playing around and mixing

both 2D and 3D objects.

3D Ice Cream olivier dressen Hero

Capture d’écran 2013-01-18 à 20.25.253D War plane for Unicef's animation by Olivier Dressen Hero

Capture d’écran 2013-01-18 à 21.11.10

At the end of the process we used element to mixing the 3D with the 2D element.

We use the advantage of the 3D for be able to turn around the different objects which is

impossible in 2D because you have to draw every single frames…


Here a perfect example of the interest of using 3D with all these pencil and sketch  book..

We also love typography, so we had a good use of font we like on this commercial,

anyway we still focused on keep it simple.

Test of Typography

Here some of our really really early research 😉

… and finally the result

In short, typography work.

For the special FX parts we also used real video footages than we mixed on top of the video.

We love to put real life to our animation, for that, it’s an old trick we like to use 🙂

Special FX for UNICEF

UNICEF Hero Olivier Dressen Smoke FXFrameExplosion

We used a simple grading and handmade animated texture for the final aspect of the video,

We love old movies and handwriting, these sensitive impressions keep us warm and also

remind us our old time with some pencil, scissor and a bucket of glue !!!

sketch with pencil

For the camera and editing, we try to have as many creative and

surprising transition we could, we really wanted to surprise the audience

by good visual ideas and concept, the camera also have a important role

in the storytelling.

The camera is always in movement and try to give to the universe

as many depth as it can be in a 2D versus 3D world.

Unicef Campaign hero olivier dressen

Unicef olivier dressen heroe

Finally this is a bunch of final frames, hope this making off help

you to have a better understanding of what’s the work as director,

graphic designer and motion designer in this industry !!


If you want to take part to this action, or know better about it go to

UNICEF‘s website for more informations.

Hello, it's your turn !

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