Plagia Saga episode One.

This story first start for a photoshoot by Laetitia Bica, and the stylist Jean Paul Lespagnard.

I was model on this shooting as a strange super hero with my strange wonder catwomen.

This picture was at the begening created for a magazine from Belgium Victoire magazine.

But, for some reason, this picture was censored by the magazine and wasn’t used in the serie of pictures made by Laetitia Bica.

Hero Olivier Dressen For Laetitia Bica Shooting & Jean Paul Lespagnard Stylism

After a while this picture was finally used for a cool fashion magazine in Portugal ZOOT Magazine.

Here you can see the cover of the magazine and the page, with my credits and links on my work as designer, into the magazine :


It was really cool for this picture, because we basicly, really like it. But the story didn’t find an happy ending here…

Few month ago… a friend of mine come back from Thailand and send me back this picture as “souvenir” :


And no… It’s not a photoshop tricks… This picture is really, plagied and edited on thousen of T-shirt in bangkok and probally in other parts of Thailand and asia.

Crazy isn’t it ?

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